Clean beaches and clean water are vital to the health and economy of our Island. Since the Oleai Beach Bar & Grill is situated right on the beach, we decided to adopt portion of beach and regularly keep it clean by picking up empty cans and bottles, dried leaves, plastic and other problem products which is harmful on the beach.

Project like this is a great way to pay back the contribution of our patronage to our establishment. Not only the neighbor will benefit from our help in the community but will make our establishment proud by doing selfless acts. We also believe that beaches excellent places to relax and there’s not much special than a day when children and adult can walk bare-footed.

The devastation that we have seen last year in the Philippines has touched me. During those period of calamity where giving and caring, reaching out to those in need becomes even more important. I felt that I need to do my part to help those in need by donating 3% the establishment’s daily total sales which was started from November 15, 2013 until February 15, 2014. The monetary donation has been remitted to one of the accredited remittance company in the Philippines who accepts donation for Typhoon victims.